Shell Wadding and Echizen Potter Kumano Kurouemon

Please give some examples of pots/potters using shells for “covering weak pot shapes.” Are they good at it? How would we recognize such non-achievements?

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I received a couple of emails from Mark Titchner last month. (Gas)

Dear Gas,
I was interested to read your comments about the use of shells as wadding for pots and I tend to agree with you. I would be interested to know what you think about the work of Kumano Kuroemon, whose work I like, and who uses shells. Does it work for you, from a Japanese perspective or any perspective? I enjoyed reading your web site.

Dear Mark,
Many thanks for your comments on the shells and Kumano Kuroemon of Echizen.
I made my Anagama blog in order to avoid answering same email questions from people who wrote me. It worked well but I have been rather inactive with my blog these days. I am often wondering about what I should tell to my readers. When I came across interesting subjects, I asked kind permissions to…

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