Calling the Planet Home

calling the planet home
by Jack Troy

Softbound 5″ x 8″ 52 pages
Copyright © 2003 Jack Troy

This book is available from the author for $15 postpaid to a U.S. address.

Please email Jack or send check or money order with return address to:

Jack Troy
8002 Shively Road
Huntingdon, PA 16652 

From the book jacket –

I imagine Jack Troy keeps a pad and pencil near his kiln, to record the words and images that erupt from fire and clay. Who could know the Earth better than a master potter with an eye for detail and a throat that tightens when remembrance comes, lugging a lifetime of events that have seared him into the man he has become? These poems are meant to be read time and again, to be kept on a low shelf next to a winter hearth. Dan Masterson

Jack Troy’s poems hew to detail. You are in a graspable world. The hand is constantly present, but in an absolute conjunction with the heart. Each touches the other, both learn together. But these poems are also made things, skillfully shaped. One of their pleasures is in their sound; an active ear is at work here. Like his hawk, the poems perform the miracle of finding one another, making more. The Shakers said, “Every force evolves a form,” which happens in this book. Hand and heart. – Karl Patten